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The Physician Alliance provides a variety of free resources to our physician members to help improve quality metrics, incentive dollars and patient care.

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Want to keep your doctors’ contact information in one secure location on your smartphone or tablet? 

Download the free My Doctors app! 

The Physician Alliance’s FREE My Doctors app lets you keep your doctors’ phone numbers, addresses and more in one secure location on your smartphone or tablet.*

  • Choose from more than 2,200 primary care and specialty physicians in southeast Michigan
  • Or manually add new doctors
  • Create tags for multiple family members
  • Add your pharmacy contact information
  • Search for an urgent care center near you

Download the Apple version.

Download the Android version.

SEARCH “My Doctors by TPA” in the app store.

* Users will be required to create a personal identification number (PIN) during the first use to ensure their physician list remains private (the PIN can be disabled if the user chooses).




Need tips on improving HEDIS metrics, coding, revenue and more when you’re on the go? There’s an app for that! 

The Physician Alliance launched a free Physician Education app to help physicians access important tips and information on smartphones, tablets and laptops.  This valuable information helps improve knowledge, quality scores and incentive payments.

Examples of information included on the app:

  • Provider tips for adult and pediatric HEDIS measures
  • Provider tips for improving quality scores for adult and pediatric BMI
  • Overview of pay for performance programs, including PGIP
  • Transitional care management tip sheets
  • Billing codes for condition specific care
  • Links to educational videos
  • Link to TPA’s secure physician portal for TPA members to access PGIP performance reports

Download the Apple version.

Download the Android version.

SEARCH “The Physician Alliance Physician Education” in the app stores.